ESD and Soldering Training

1 full day training in basic knowledge for professionals / Dutch language only

Location; Demonstration and Training Room at PrintTec

2018 Training data;
** to be determined **

Basic ESD and Soldering Training

Many things change in this hectic life. Also many details in ESD and soldering technology.

Therefore we have created a 1 full day training for professionals dealing with electronics on a daily basis.

- ESD safety basics; personal safety, products and handling, workplace, logistics and control

- Soldering technology basics; alloys, fluxes, hand soldering of through-hole and SMD, cleaning, inspection

We use a presentation in order to walk through the theoretical details conveniently. All attendants participate in discussions about daily situations. This way attendants recognize their own work situation.

Also we offer a very practical approach, as we will be testing ESD situations and will be hand soldering, reworking, cleaning and inspecting on a soldering kit.

Several tools and equipment will be used; ESD test equipment, magnifiers, microscopes, soldering and rework stations, even the latest "state of the art" micro and nano soldering and desoldering stations.

Of course we will serve drinks and food! And you will receive your own ESD labcoat and a little present at the end of the day.

This 1 full day training is meant for all operators, in order to learn basic knowledge in handling modern electronics. Every operator should follow this training and return on a yearly basis. Forgetting basic rules in ESD safety and soldering is only human, but needs to be avoided in order to avoid larger damage. to products.

Are you or your employees active in; assembly, repair, logistics? Come over and do the training! Until now everyone who participated in the training was surprised about what they learned that day.

Want to be a professional? Feel free to contact us for more details.

This training can also be organized at your location.

* This training is only available in Dutch language at present. However feel free to contact us about an English or German language version.